Library Musings: Our Little Library’s Social Media Campaign!


For the months of December and January, our little rural library will be running our first ever social media campaign.  Playing on the popularity of the “selfie” generation, I put together a display of “Shelfies.”

How did we set it up?  Well,each library employee took a picture of themselves in front of their favorite shelf in the library.  Mine was new children’s easy books.  🙂

IMG_5056Then, these were displayed behind books that each staff member recommended to the public.  While the “shelfies” were from all over the library, the books display were only juvenile fiction because it is a campaign bringing awareness not just to the library, but also the children’s area of the library.

IMG_5054 IMG_5055

We are working hard to incorporate all aspects of technology into our daily grind here at the library.  And social media has become a fantastic platform for spreading our message of library awareness!

So, you want to help us out?

Just take a picture of yourself in front of your favorite shelf and facebook it, pinterest it, blog it, or email it to me ( with the hashtag (#) Shelfie!

Let’s see how many people we can get to spread the good word!  Libraries rock!


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