Behind the Scenes

So, I am nosey by nature and I LOVE to interact with other children’s librarians/programmers to see how they prepare, execute, organize and overall run their programs.  I know this blog has a equal mix of library professionals, parents and teachers.  So, I thought why not share what I do to prepare for a program and you can reciprocate with me some day!

First up, I want to introduce you to two of my storytime friends.  First up is “Ollie, the Storytime Owl.”

IMG_4057(here is Ollie dressed up for Halloween storytime)

Ollie is an awesome puppet who only comes to life for me.  He doesn’t speak, but he does blink his eyes and rotates his head.  He loves to be pet on the tummy and loves to hear the kids singing the opening storytime song.  Then he quietly perches in his basket and listens to storytime with us.  There have been semesters where Ollie gets more love than me!  He is quite a popular mascot!

My second storytime helper is “Buddy, the Birthday Bird.”

IMG_4337(Buddy on the first day I got him)

I like to recognize the children when they have a birthday.  My first year I implemented a birthday book box where they go to pick out a free book on their birthday.  Last year, I decided to take their birthdate from the registration forms and mail them a postcard in their birthday month.  The kids love it–I mean, they really love it!  But this year I ramped it up even further with the addition of Buddy.  As you can see from the picture he is a huge, colorful bird.  He is about 2 1/2 feet tall and even has legs!  His hair does this funny swishy thing that cracks me up!  But the best part of all is that he came with a squeaker in his beak.  The harder I press on it, the longer it holds its squeak.  So, the first week of the month, Ollie gets the day off and Buddy comes out to sing “Happy Birthday” to all of our birthday friends for the month.  Boy, do the kids love Buddy!  Every time he squeaks, they just belly laugh!

Of course, I have other storytime friends that come out to play from time to time…

IMG_5226 IMG_5227

(Pardon the mess in the background–just keepin’ it real y’all)

But Ollie and Buddy are my main helpers!


What about you? 

Do you have any special “tools” to help tell stories?


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