Storytime Theme: Polar Express PJ Party


To cap off our fall semester, we had a Polar Express PJ Party! Kids came in their favorite jammies and we had a fun time drinking hot chocolate and snacking on popcorn.  I also planned on doing a round of “The Conductor Says” (like “Simon Says”) but ran out of time.  The kids particularly seemed to enjoy my Conductor outfit.  I made the hat and the moustache, plus had a train whistle.  I greeted the kids at the door, blowing my whistle and handing out tickets.  The kids thought my moustache was hilarious!

Here’s a bit of the process it took to make the hat.  I couldn’t find one at any party store!  So, I got creative.  Not perfect, but it works!

the beginning
After cutting down the sides and adding a label


conductor hat label
the label
Finished product with comparison in the background
Hello, I’m the Conductor.



  • The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg (This is the only book we read this time due to the number of crafts)



Stamping Tree:  Using some Christmas theme stamps from Oriental Trading, kids decorated a plain green Christmas Tree print.

I Believe Bells:  This coloring sheet gave the chance for kids to practice their writing skills by tracing the letters that spell out “I Believe.”

Polar Express Ornaments:  Kids colored the medallion and glued it onto a green circle.  Then they got to use the hole punch (just like the Conductor) to make a hole for the hanger.


polar express songs 2polar express songs 1


I actually used several sources to make all of the props and craft items in this storytime.  My sources were:
Houghton Mifflin


This lesson plan is free and you have my permission to use it all you want.  I just ask that you give me a little love by crediting me on any blog or social media post.  Thank you!


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