Toddler Music Mornings!

I started a new program at the library a couple of months ago called Music Mornings.  It is a monthly program that is for children aged 18 mth-3yrs and focuses on using music and books as a for of learning and engagement.

Each month I pick a theme and focus all of the program around it.  This month my theme is “I Love You” since it is February, after all!

I start out my sessions talking about the theme and reading a short book.   Then stand up and do a warm up active movement song.  This gets the shyness out of the little ones and gets them ready for the next fun part!

Next, we explore instruments.  Every month we have something different.  We have explored xylophones, jingle bells, drums and more!  This month we are working with triangles. This is, by far, the favorite part of the program.  First, I demonstrate and then the kids get to take turns.  I usually have enough instruments for all of the kids to have one and play along to a song.  Now, some of my instruments are bought and some are handmade.  All are affordable for your library budget.  For drums, all we did was use empty Tupperware containers!  Target just had a fantastic deal on small instruments in their Dollar Spot. (which is how I got the triangles for this month)  Just be on the lookout for deals and you will find them!  Get creative!

After instruments, we get back up and dance.  We do a group circle dance (walking in a circle and moving our arms, clapping, marching, etc.)  Then we have a freestyle dance.

By this point, we are pretty winded, so we sit back down and do a movement song or fingerplay.

To start winding down, I put on a classical and quiet cd and pull out a basket of board books.  The kids come to get a book and take it back to their parent for a snuggle and little read.

After that, we put the books up and sing our goodbye song.  All in all it usually takes 20-30 minutes.  I have had nothing but positive feedback from this program!  Below is the outline for this month, along with a couple of the active movement songs/fingerplays we are doing this month.  I hope you consider doing a program like this in your library!

Theme: I Love you

Story:  How do Dinosaurs Say I Love You? by Yolen & Teague

Songs Used:

  • “Love Train” from Big Breaks cd
  • “Buffalo Gals” from It’s Your Birthday! cd
  • “To a Wild Rose” from Classical Music cd

Active Movement Posters:

music morn 2music morn song

**Please feel free to use this lesson plan.  I only ask that you give credit if you post anything to a website/social media.  Thank you!**


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