Storytime Theme: When I’m Sick

Oh, it’s that lovely time of year when the snot and sniffles are flying to and fro! Being a germ-a-phobe myself, I took this time of year to have a storytime about illness to remind children to cover their sneeze and cough.


  • Chu’s Day by Neil Gaiman (Gaiman is a popular author for both young children and young adults! This story follows Chu, who builds up one tremendously large sneeze!)
  • Bear Feels Sick by Karma Wilson (Bear needs a lot of help when he is sick. And of course, as so often happens, he has to take care of those who got sick from him!)
  • Barn Sneeze by Karen Winnick (Great opener for a talk about allergies)
  • A Sick Day for Amos McGee by Philip Stead (This Caldecott Award winner is a must read! Very thoughtful and sweet)
  • Just a Little Sick by Mercer Mayer (Little Critter doesn’t enjoy being sick, but once he rests and follows direction he feels better.)


when you're sick craft 4when you're sick craft 3






Cover Your Nose Paper Plates: This craft for toddlers was so simple to do. Kids were able to pick between a boy or girl and then they cut out the heads (with help from their caregivers).  Next, they glued the head onto a paper plate and then glued a kleenex onto to face to cover the mouth and nose.

sick craft 1when you're sick craft 2

Right Way/Wrong Way Color Sheets: Sneezy Sue is coughing and sneezing. In one picture she is covered up, but in the other, the germs are flying everywhere!  Kids can save the day by covering her mouth with a kleenex!  Each child was given a cut out of a hand to which they glued a kleenex.  After coloring in their coloring page, they could cover up Sneezy Sue instead of letting her spread her germs.

EXTRA: I wanted to demonstrate how germs fly in the air when you don’t cover your sneeze.  So, after adapting a plan I found on Pinterest, I came up with Sneezy Sam!  It is a face connected to a spritz bottle.


The really fun part was pretending he was sneezing and squirting the kids.  Of course, I reassured them that there was just water in there and no germs.  However, it really gave them a clear visualization of how much the germs fly!

To make Sneezy Sam, you get a picture you like—I googled sneezing child and got this one.IMG_0739

Then I printed it out on cardstock.

After cutting it out, open a hole in the nose area. And then just tape the clip art onto your water bottle.



song posters 1song posters 2song posters 3

This lesson plan is free and you have my permission to use it all you want.  I just ask that you give me a little love by crediting me on any blog or social media post.  Thank you!


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