Storytime Theme: Rainy Day

Well, it is anything BUT rainy in my neck of the woods this week. It is sunny and 70 degrees here!  But, it will rain soon enough and we will be ready!


  • Raindrop, Plop! by Wendy Cheyette Lewison (Practice counting up and down in this beautifully illustrated book)
  • Red Rubber Boot Day by Mary Lyn Ray (Big pictures illustrate things to do on a rainy day)
  • The Puddle by David McPhail (Good transition story into using our imaginations for play)
  • A Rainy Day by Sandra Markle (Nice description of the water cycle in a way kids can relate to. Better for older kids.)
  • Mud by Mary Lyn Ray (Ray does it again with more big pictures demonstrating how fun it is to play in the mud after the storm!)


Froggy in The Rain!


Froggy in the Rain: This craft for toddlers was so simple to do. Each child had a clip art frog and umbrella that they glued onto a piece of construction paper.  Next, they practiced their hand-eye coordination skills, as well as fine motor skills and made rain dots on the page with a blue marker.  Boy, they loved that!

umbrellafrog for toddlers


Paper Plate Umbrellas!


Paper Plate Umbrellas: This is an oldie, but a goodie, that we put our own tweak on by using our dot markers! Cut a paper plate in half, glue on a “J” shaped handle and go to town with the dot markers (like bingo markers) to decorate!  The kids loved posing for pictures with their umbrellas over their heads!


rain 3rain 2rain 1

This lesson plan is free and you have my permission to use it all you want.  I just ask that you give me a little love by crediting me on any blog or social media post.  Thank you!


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