Library Resources: Currency Exploration

I was recently gifted with a genuine brand new $1.00 from the Cayman Islands.  Since I am not planning on going to the Cayman Islands any time soon, I thought it would be fun to let the library kids see what it looked like and explore the differences between it and a $1.00 US Bill.  Of course, the Cayman dollar holds no value to me, but the US Dollar does, so I only put the Cayman dollar on display.  However, most kids are familiar enough with our US Dollar to see the differences.

I used one of our display frames and tied on a magnifying glass.  I slipped in the dollar, as well as a short explanation and challenge and simply sat it out on the table in the children’s area.  So far, the kids have gotten a big kick out of counting the fish and looking at how pretty the dollar bill is.  What are some unusual found objects you have put on display?



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