Storytime Theme: My Friend–The Firefighter

I have a series of community helper lesson plans called “My Friend, the…” They all focus on a different occupation.  This week we did the firefighter!


  • Curious George and the Firefighters by Margaret & H.A. Rey (George just wants to help the firefighters, but fires are no place for a monkey! So, he finds another way to help!)
  • Dot the Fire Dog by Lisa Desimini (This story follows a very helpful dalmation as she serves her community alongside her human counterparts.)
  • If I Were a Firefighter by Thomas Kingsley Troupe (I also used this series during Cowboy week. It is a really neat series which helps kids find out more information concerning different jobs in the community.)
  • Fire Engine Man by Andrea Zimmerman & David Clemesha (Very cute and relatable book for kids! A little boy is using his imagination to pretend he is a firefighter.)
  • Firefighters to the Rescue! By Kersten Hamilton (Shows how a typical shift for a firefighter works, along with the dangers and challenges they face on the job.)


Product number IN-13708400


Firefighter Hats: Well, this craft is super simple because I bought the templates off of Oriental Trading. They are $3.99 for a set of 12. The kids colored them and parents fit them to size.  Also, I gave the kids a safety handout from the fire department.  This was my week off from prepping for crafts! 🙂




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