Music Morning: Halloween

Music Morning Lesson Plan

As people come in, have them sign in, remove shoes and find a spot on the floor…should be in a large circle.

  • Hello Song   (Wiggles & Giggles Cd #1 *Kindermusik cd I got when my children participated in Kindermusik* )
  • Introduction of theme: “Halloween”
  • Read story:  Very Scary by Tony Johnston
  • Active Movement Song:  “If You’re a Ghost” (see below)
  • Teacher Instrument Exploration: maracas (every gets a turn playing)
  • Kids Instrument Exploration: One tambourine (sounds like ghosts) and one egg shaker (sounds like bones)  **Played our instruments to the song La Cucaracha**
  • Put all instruments away
  • Circle Dance: used yarn to make a giant spider web.  (see pic)  we played a musical version of Little Miss Muffet as we threw the yarn around.  It was so popular we had to do it twice!


  • Active Movement Song: “Eensy Weensy Spider”  We also climbed up by standing up and feel back down by squatting.
  • Mommy & Me Quiet Reading Time: Kids get books to read to mom and they cuddle while listening to music.  Played “Sonata in C Minor by Scarlatti
  • Put books away
  • BONUS Song: “Did You Ever See a Pumpkin?” (see below)
  • Goodbye Song  (Wiggles & Giggles Cd #2 Song # 26 *again the Kindermusik cd*)



I printed out both pumpkins and used as picture props while singing the song!




2 thoughts on “Music Morning: Halloween

  1. Can you give us more information about how you did the giant spider web? I teach pre-k music and I know the kids it!! Thanks.

    1. Sure! You need a good sized skein of yarn. I like to do white or black. You take a little bit off of the yarn and hold a section with one hand. (Always keep hold of that section–be sure to show this to the kids) with the other hand throw the skein to someone across from you. They hold onto a section and throw it to another and so on. It looks more like the real thing when they criss cross the room. However, little kids will often pass to their friends who may be beside them. You can just encourage them to throw to the person across from them. At first it doesn’t look like much, but after a few passes, it starts to really look like a spider web. You could even have a plastic spider you throw onto it in the end and bounce like a parachute! Hope this helps!

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