Storytime Theme: On the Farm

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween weekend! For me, it was very busy—fun, but busy!  Work was almost like a vacation this week!  But it’s always fun to see my little ones, especially when they really enjoy the storytime theme.  And this week, they did!  Farm and farm animals are always easy home-runs with the kids!


  • Farmer Brown and His Little Red Truck by Jean M. Cochran (Farmer Brown does for a drive but all sort of silly things happen!)
  • Rooster Can’t Cock-a-Doodle-Doo by Karen Rosoker-Gruber (Rooster woke up sick and the chores aren’t getting done! This one is fun to read with different accents. My chickens were proper, the cow was slow, the sheep were jittery and the pigs were country.)
  • The Farmer in the Dell by Ann Owen (The song is the book and the book is the song.)
  • Maisy’s Morning on the Farm by Lucy Cousins (Maisy has to get up early to get all of her chores done!)
  • Animals on the Farm by Oakley Graham (The fun part about this book is that it is a moving pictures book. So give the book a little wiggle and you can see the horse kicking or the cow getting milked. It’s adorable!)



Muddy Pigs:  This craft is awesome for toddlers!  All you need is chocolate pudding mix combined with water until it is the consistency of mud.  I gave each child a section of sponge and they went to town putting “mud” all over the pigs!




Paper Plate Chickens: We made our own flock of chickens using paper plates, red and yellow construction paper, glue sticks and scissors.  First, cut the paper plate in half.  One section will become the body of the chicken to which you can add the comb, gobbler, beak and goggle eye.  The other half is folded in half and glued together.  Then you cut a scalloped edge to make the tail feathers.  Just glue those on and you have one awesome looking paper chicken!


So, I picked my songs and went about making the posters, as usual. But when I put them up for display on storytime day, I realized both songs had a “Wheels on the Bus” base to them.  Instead of doing essentially the same song, we just improvised “Old MacDonald” because all children love that song! (You gotta roll with the punches around here!)  I’m giving you both version of my original song choices—just because I want to!farm-1img_2938

This lesson plan is free and you have my permission to use it all you want.  I just ask that you give me a little love by crediting me on any blog or social media post.  Thank you!


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