Storytime Theme: All Aboard! Trains

Well, about 11 years ago I had a completely train obsessed son. So, needless to say, this week’s storytime brought back fond memories!  Now, he is 15 and doesn’t care much about Thomas or Percy anymore.  However, I am still singing the old songs and reminiscing over our large book collections about the Island of Sodor!  Why?  Because trains (really any form of transportation) are instant successes with children.  Both boys and girls love to talk about things that go!


  • Here Comes the Train by Charlotte Voake (I liked this book because it reminded me of when my son was little and train obsessed. We had to stop anytime a train was going by and watch until it left.)
  • My Little Train by Satomi Ichikawa (A toy train goes on an imaginary adventure delivering passengers.)
  • I’ve Been Working on the Railroad by Ann Owen (The song is the book and the book is the song.)
  • The Goodnight Train by June Sobel (A good one for toddlers as there are many opportunities for silly noises!)
  • Steam Train, Dream Train by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Litchfield (I liked this book because it teaches the names and purposes of all the different train cars.)



Shape Trains:  An oldie, but a goodie!  For toddlers, I precut the pieces.  For Pre-K, I provided outlines for them to cut out themselves.  Prior to starting the craft, we reviewed the names of the shapes.



For this one, I used a train whistle (party supply stores) and a child rang a little musical bell





This lesson plan is free and you have my permission to use it all you want.  I just ask that you give me a little love by crediting me on any blog or social media post.  Thank you!


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