Storytime Theme: Trucks & Such

Kids just love any transportation theme, don’t they? This one was super fun to do!


    • Curious George and the Dump Truck by Margaret & H.A. Rey (George is always a hit because kids can relate to him!)
    • Minerva Louise and the Red Truck by Janet Morgan Stoeke (This is a silly book that opens the door to discussion of perceptions—from a chicken’s point of view that is.)
    • I Love Trucks! by Philemon Sturges (This book takes us on a tour of types of trucks in the world—good for toddlers!)
    • We Love Trucks by Jan & Mike Berenstain (Same as above, but for older kids!)
    • Red Truck by Kersten Hamilton (This book demonstrates how trucks can help humans.)
    • The Usborne Book of Trucks by Harriet Castor (Did not read, but used to show pictures of various trucks. Kids really loved the racing truck!)



Truck Track Painting: When my son was little, we attended an art class where the instructor took the kids outside to do this activity on a giant piece of paper.  I took that idea and paired it down to one piece of paper they could take home with them.  Kids were hesitant at first, but after a while, even the most reluctant kids joined in!  Just be sure to use trucks that you don’t mind being caked in paint that most likely won’t wash out of all the little cracks!



This lesson plan is free and you have my permission to use it all you want.  I just ask that you give me a little love by crediting me on any blog or social media post.  Thank you!


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